Buchprojekt, Verlag: Springer: Developing Advanced English Language Competence


Private Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems
Projektleitung gesamt
Berger, Armin; Mag. Dr.
Projektleitung intern
Resnik, Pia; Mag. Dr. MA.
Interne Projektmitarbeiter/innen
Externe Projektmitarbeiter/innen
Heaney, Helen; Dr. BA
Rieder-Bünemann, Angelika; Dr.
Savukova, Galina; MA MPhil PhD
2019 – 2021
Many books on language teaching at tertiary level are either practical guides on teaching meth-odology targeted at practitioners or edited collections presenting research to other researchers without discussing its application in the classroom. The focus is almost exclusively on one aspect of language education, individual components of the curriculum or isolated practices. Few publi-cations combine both teachers’ and researchers’ perspectives. Even fewer cater to those who con-sider themselves teacher-researchers and none consciously seek to cross traditional boundaries between language teaching, research, curriculum design and programme management. This pub-lication is an edited volume on a systematic approach to developing advanced English language competence. Experienced language teachers, teacher-researchers and student tutors in the Eng-lish Language Competence (ELC) Programme reflect on their approach, provide examples of good practice and present accompanying research. Unlike other publications, this book presents an en-tire language programme with its diverse range of modules, amalgamating teaching expertise and teacher research with aspects of curriculum design, programme management and student voices.
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