Ideal self or ability beliefs? A confirmatory factor analysis approach


Private Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems
Projektleitung gesamt
Al-Hoorie, Ali H.; Professor
Projektleitung intern
Resnik, Pia; MA Mag. Dr.
Interne Projektmitarbeiter/innen
Externe Projektmitarbeiter/innen
Elouise, Botes; Dr.
Hiver, Phil; Professor
2022 – 2024
In this study, we collect data from approximately 500 EFL learners in Austria, 500 EFL learners in China and 500 EFL learners in Saudi Arabia. The aim of the study is to compare the Ideal L2 Self to a slightly reworded Ability Beliefs Scale. Based on a one-factor and a two-factor CFAs we would like to see which model is superior. In our survey, we also included the Intended Effort scale in order to examine the correlation of each scale with it also. The study received ethical approval via the University of Vienna.

You, C., Dörnyei, Z., & Csizer, K. (2016). Motivation, vision, and gender: A survey of learners of English in China. Language Learning, 66, 94–123.

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