Quotation in Indigenised and Learner English


Pädagogische Hochschule Vorarlberg
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Davydova, Julia; Dr. habil.
Projektleitung intern
Davydova, Julia; Dr.
Interne Projektmitarbeiter/innen
Externe Projektmitarbeiter/innen
2014 – 2019
Beschreibung (engl.)
The volume considers global and local innovations in the domain of variable quotative marking by extending its scope to the newly emerging forms of language. In so doing, it explores two academic communities in order to tap into the distinctive non-native speaker ecologies underpinning the evolution of English worldwide. The author tackles the geographical scale that reaches from the southwest of Germany all the way to northern India, while keeping an eye on the sociolinguistic realities of North America and the British Isles. It provides a detailed account of variable quotation strategies as well as language-internal and sociopsychological mechanisms underlying their realisation in non-native speakers’ grammar. The book engages the reader in the discussion of the social and psycholinguistic mechanisms that are at work in the creation of innovative quotative constructions, while highlighting the relevance of the mass media consumption patterns and learners’ local attitudes for the spread of innovative features on a global scale. In so doing, it consolidates findings from (acquisitional variationist) sociolinguistics and World Englishes, as well as usage-based and cognitively oriented approaches to second language acquisition. The approach is motivated by the search for the new synergy effects stemming from the different subfields of the study of language in society and the science of the human mind more generally.